Minchenden School

WW II War Memorial

The Minchenden war memorial has been brought to light recently, and Eileen Bostle (Eileen Perolz when at Minchenden 1957 - 1964) is researching the names on it. There is a possibility that the Southgate District Civic Trust may publish the information she finds in the form of a booklet.  Eileen is looking for any information relating to those remembered and would like to hear from anyone who has memories, information or photographs relating to these people which they would be willing to share with me.

In the picture below the dates to the left of each name indicate the years the person was at Minchenden. You will notice that the middle and right-hand panels are in reverse order, but this was a temporary situation which has been easily righted as the panels were made to be removable. Some slight damage is also visible, but a craftsman in Southgate has offered to put this right and is currently working on it.

To resolve the uncertainty as to who now owns the Minchenden war memorial and to ensure that it will be expertly cared for on a long-term basis, the Museum of Enfield has taken ownership of it.

The memorial is currently in the Museum's exhibition on World War 2 in Enfield, which was due to close on 20th April. However, as VE Day commemorations are going to have special emphasis this year because it is the 75th anniversary, it is likely that the exhibition will be extended for a few weeks.

When it does finish, the memorial's new permanent home is going to be in Southgate Library in the High Street, right opposite the school. The library closed for a while in recent times, but it then re-opened as the result of a Freedom of Information request, which probably implies that there is some sort of covenant on the building requiring it to be for public use. However, to cover the possibility of the library closing again in the future, or of any other circumstance preventing the memorial from remaining there, the Museum Officer is going to attach a sticker to the back of so that it is clear it is the property of the Museum of Enfield, or any organisation which supersedes it.


Anyone with information can contact me at this email address: minchenden.memorial@gmail.com