Minchenden School

School Song

Discovered by Christine Griffin in the Antipodes, here are the words of that anthem we sang with such gusto. Who will ever forget Ms. Amiot's introduction and cadenzas.
Christine found an original Minchenden Hymn book in her attic in Sydney and copied out the text. Pictured below the text is in the subject hymn book.


The oak lives long. Long live the oak!
Scribes wrote it fair in the Doomsday Book,
And its fame still lives, for to us it gives
The good name of Minchenden, proud be it spoke.

The oak lives long, yet its birth was small,
Books and exams and the straight-sped ball,
The race and the play and the well-filled day,
But preludes these to the great world’s call.

The oak lives long, may its branches spread!
Far o’er the world shall we be sped,
Through the Seven Seas to the Antipodes,
Though the beech be felled and the chestnut dead.

As the oak lives long, long live my song,
Evil contemned, in the good truth strong,
Working brain or hand, by this we stand,

Christine's Hymn Book or Hymnal. Found in an attic in "The Antipodes". The text is amazingly prophetic. We all had one and I seem to recall that you lost it on pain of death The words of the school song were inside the hymn book but separately so it was not considered to be a hymn.