Minchenden School

Old Photos from the 1950s

Some B & W photos of teachers in the 1950s. Members of staff: Mr Stabler joined our reunions until recently and Mr Mayo was the father of a famous BBC personality. Mr Finlay is remembered for the quote" if you can't be famous be infamous" and for male students being canned by Major Hedley in the gym was a right of passage. Times have changed!!.

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Left to Right: (1) Frank Stabler (2) Messrs Finlay and Mayo (3) Mr Mayo, Mesdames Atkin and Amiot (4) Major Hedley

Some students (we used to call them pupils) in various spots around the school

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Left to right (1) Janet Call and friends outside the gym. (2) Maureen Drew-Smith and friends. (3) Barbara Wearing and friends. (4) 6th Form Ladies.

And some more

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Left to Right (1) Mark Sholl in the blazer and casual friends. (2) John Fletcher with Dr Walter's table. (3) The Observatory. (4) Cricket, Rock & Roll and Star Gazing