Minchenden School

Old Minchendenians (OMs)

I guess we are all old Minchendenians but to paraphrase GO, "all OMs are equal but some OMs are more equal than others". So from one of the super OMs who frequented the hut in Bramley Road here is a picture from the 1980s sent by Mike Finlay. Mike tells me that he was "The demon centre forward for OM 5th XI in the 60s" which means there must have been at least 55 dudes from Minchenden running around muddy fields in north London in those days!!

The picture is on the occasion of a gathering to celebrate the 1983 Jubilee of the OMs Football Club. Those in the picture, L-R, are:

Len Schofield, Fred Bailey, Mike Finlay, , - Penning, ?, - Pearson, ?, ?, ?, - Taylor, Jimmy Briscoe, Pete Glover, Geoff Meakin, ?, Brian Foyle.

There are many whom Mike can’t name; perhaps other OMs can fill in the blanks. Let me know at peterb@finemech.com and I will update the list. As already stated, Mike's OM footballing days were in the 1960s, mainly as centre or wing forward in the 4th and 5th XIs along with Messrs Schofield, Bailey, Briscoe, Meakin and others. Brian Foyle was club and 1st XI captain during most of that time (He is taller than the rest of them and looks like an athlete!)