Minchenden School

More At Play

Some old pictures from Jill Wright (Sommerville). There was a staff hockey match v the ladies team and a prefects hockey match (girls v boys). Here are some pictures from those events taken in the late 1950s.

And of course the ever present house competitions, Broomfield, Chandos, Grovelands and Lawrence.

Mr Mayo & Ms Atkin.. and looks like Rich Stubbings who was a prefect so there was a hockey match staff- v prefects. Or was there?














Left to right: (1) Looks like the boy prefect's hockey team, probably 1959 (2) And the girl prefects team. Jill says she is the goaly and the people in white coats are not doctors, they are umpires! (3) No idea but it looks like some type of mascot and (4) Its Mr Mayo again and in the background Ms Temple chatting with Major Hedley.

And finally the house competion







Left to Right (1) Diana Stevens and Alan Strong as head of Lawrence House display the winner's plaque (2 ) Here they are again with some of the stars who made it possible and (3) The Major starts the race