Minchenden School

At Play

Some old pictures of staff and students.









Left to Right (1) George Bullen & partner (2) Ted Rivers and Ms Hill (3) George again at work (4) Freddie Field and Miss Atkin

Notable in the 1950s and 1960s was the Freddie Field Four. The group went from strength to professional. Geoff Foot played bass guitar after they left Minchenden He started off by making my own guitar out of the top of a chest of drawers and a sawn off radiogram for an amp. He played with a couple of rehearsal groups before joining Keith in The Clouds, with Roger Hanks on piano (later on organ) and Richard Poole on drums They played at The Bell in Walthamstow among other places. Subsequently Richard left the band and was replaced by Tommy, an ace drummer. The pic below bottom is from a publicity shot. Like a lot of others they didn't quite make it, although they did play at some good venues on the undercard with good groups.






Left to Right (1) ? (2) ? (3) Maestro Field (4) and ?


The Clouds. Freddy Field kneeling, Geoff Foot in the Buddy Holly Glases , Roger Hanks on keyboard and Tommy on drums